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Returning healthy hormone levels allows us to reduce the incidence of chronic diseases we commonly see with aging such as heart disease, osteoporosis and dementia. When we bring the hormones back into a healthy range not only do we minimize the incidence of these chronic diseases but we help restore sleep, enhance skin texture and elasticity, improve libido and energy levels and enhance longevity and our health span.


Peptides are naturally occurring molecules in the human body (we have over 7000 naturally occurring in our body), but as with many things the levels begin to decline as we age.

Peptides play a crucial role in cell signaling and assist in overall  cellular functioning.The field of peptide research is growing by leaps and bounds due to the increasing need for new and novel methods for many diseases  we are seeing now in epidemic proportions.

The peptide research is showing measurable, sustainable outcomes for diseases that up until now have been managed by symptom control at best. Peptides not only show potential and actual change in disease states and the side effects are minimal to none. These molecules  are  best  obtained from a reputable compounding pharmacy with a prescription so  you can be certain of the purity and efficacy of the product. There are several categories of peptides from tissue repair, weight loss, cognitive health, increasing levels of growth hormone, improvement in collagen synthesis for skin, immune system modulation, mood and neurotransmitter balancing and more.

Balancing hormones, optimizing sleep, managing stress, proper nutrition and regular exercise are all part of a successful age management program.Our goal is to work on the foundation first, balance hormones, work on the gut microbiome and then utilize peptide therapies to help bring the body back into an optimal state of health and promote longevity.


For Healthy Weight Loss

These peptides are utilized under supervision and regular follow up to ensure progress and desired results.

Every patient is monitored and has regularly scheduled InBody measurements to direct treatment. This program is an individualized approach to weight loss with an emphasis on stress management, sleep, nutrition and proper exercise.



Recent advances in science have created ways to take a closer look at DNA, to see how lifestyle, environment, and diet all change how genes express. This change in gene expression from outside influences is called epigenetics. When you use epigenetic markers to measure how well your body is aging, you’re looking at your biological age. When you decrease your biological age by 7 years, you also cut your risk of developing chronic age-related diseases in half. 

Genes control every part of your body – from how well a cell is healing, to how proteins should fold, and how much fat your body should store. While your DNA has a list of all the genes you have, Epigenetics change which genes are ON or OFF. One type of gene-changing marker, called DNA Methylation, lets scientists check what genes your body is actually using, and how those complex patterns are changing your body. 

Your methylation’s reactiveness to your lifestyle means that you can change how you’re aging in a measurable way, by deliberately choosing what kind of life you’re leading. You can make impactful, long-term changes to your body’s health––all the way down to your DNA. 

You can track those changes with one easy metric. 60% of your epigenetic profile is CHANGEABLE. DNA Methylation reacts to everyday choices like nutrition, diet, exercise, along with a host of other lifestyle influences. 

TruAge is currently the most accurate biological age test in the world. With a small blood sample, the TruAge biological age test checks around 900,000 areas of DNA Methylation. Using the latest research and data, we compare your unique methylation patterns against the database of genes connected to aging

This comprehensive analysis is called Your Biological Age

Once your biological age has been determined you’ll get an in-depth report that will help you understand what habits and behaviors can help further reduce your biological age and slow your rate of aging! You can’t manage what you can’t measure – and TruAge gives you the power to measure your aging. With that tool you can then see what age-managing interventions are and aren’t working.